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Are you the owner of the office space?
Do you plan to demise your office or already do it?

We help your business to grow.
We provide the unique possibilities in the sector of the office space booking. Use it right now!

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The flexible coworking tools will help you to adjust your offer quickly
Be noticeable
Develop the local community and receive visitors from all around the world. JUWOTO has created the international search and media space specifically for that
Manage your office easily
Here you will find all the necessary resources to make the management of your coworking significantly simple

Flexible settings
Choose the types of offerings. Create hourly, night or all around the clock offers.

A comfortable open office space for work and inspiration
Conference Room
A special room for business negotiations and meetings
A separated workspace for a small startup team or a department of your company

Customize the working time and rates.
You can even setup the rent per hour.

  • Flexible cost calculation
  • Convenient settings of the working time

Your coworking is so easy to find!

Receive visitors from all around the world
The users of Juwoto, wherever they are – from your city or in business trip – will definitely find your coworking using easy search
Interact with the community
Tell about your coworking using the description and the blog, organize events and share news in social networks

Manage your space
It was never as simple as now!
Mobile apps for iOS and Android will help you to be aware of events, even if the computer is far away.

Use the check-in functionality of Juwoto to facilitate the management of your coworking. Add your administrator, who can scan the unique QR-codes from visitors’ devices using the mobile app, getting the information about their profiles, booking and payment statuses.

The list of your visitors is always at your disposal. You know everyone by sight. You can contact anyone of your visitors, if his contacts are published
Add your administrators and manage their functionality access
Keep a universal schedule, which updates automatically. You can even add your visitors, who don’t know about Juwoto yet!
Monitor your visitors and finance statistics in real-time

It is so easy to find you with JUWOTO!